Strategy & Enablement

I use facilitation, coaching, data, and empathy to help sharpen different points of view into consensus and then work to help folks unleash their collective creativity together. I believe the best leaders are committed to serving others, promoting belonging, and creating engagement in what matters.

Content Creation

For over twenty years, I have been building teams who create software, music, movies, campaigns, events, and everything in between—to tell emotionally engaging stories that bring people together. I thrive within constraints and seek out opportunities to create the things that others believe can't be done. I'm a self-taught expert at making mistakes, but I'm even better at learning from them.

Community Building

I'm an open-source veteran and dedicated community organizer. I have spoken internationally on a myriad of topics including software development, collaboration, project management, highly distributed workforces, and many others. I'm still working on getting booked at my daughter's career day though.

The Fridge Door

Here are a few things I'm especially proud of. So many of these samples are the products of collaborative efforts with incredible folks whom I've had the privilege of working alongside. Where appropriate, I've noted my specific contributions to projects.

Tools and Specializations

I challenge myself to learn new skills daily. These are a few areas of my expertise that I find myself tapping into most often to help creative teams produce the incredible work they have inside of them.

Strategic Planning

Creative Facilitation

Project Management


Graphic Design


Motion Picture Production

Software Development


Continuous Improvement


Professional Development

Let's make things together.

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